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Benefits Spray Foam Roofing Can Have For Your Commercial Building

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A commercial spray foam roofing system is a durable option that will provide some unique benefits to a large commercial building when it is compared to some of the other common types of roofing that businesses may utilize.

Reduce Heat Transfer

Heat transfers from the roof can be a significant problem to encounter, as it can cause the temperature inside the structure to increase, which can lead to higher HVAC operating costs. This problem can be particularly serious during the summer months when the roof can reach extremely hot temperatures due to the longer periods of sunlight that shines on the roof and the ambient temperature. Spray foam systems are extremely resistant to transferring heat, and this can be an extremely important benefit for limiting the unwanted heat that may penetrate your building's interior. Choosing a spray foam roofing system that has a light color can also help to lessen this effect by reflecting much of the sunlight before it can transfer heat to the roof's exterior.

Limit Noise Intrusions

Outside noise can be an extremely disruptive problem for a business, as it can make it harder for employees to work, and it can be extremely disruptive to the guests that are shopping in your business. The roof can be one of the main sources of outside noises entering the building, as many commercial roofing systems may be too thin or otherwise incapable of effectively blocking noises. Spray foam is among the densest of the more common roofing systems, and this can increase the amount of noise that these materials can absorb and block before they enter the building. Additionally, the exterior surface of the spray foam can also be highly efficient at reflecting noise waves that strike it.

Enhance Durability Against Moisture

Moisture is a leading source of wear and damage for roofing systems. Over the years, the roof may have to withstand extensive moisture exposure. This can cause many roofing materials to start to break down or even rot over the years. Spray foam is particularly durable against moisture damage, due to the materials used. Furthermore, the density of the spray foam can help to reduce the ability of moisture to seep under the surface of the roofing system. Together, these benefits can result in the spray foam roofing system that you install being able to last for a decade or even longer while suffering minimal wear from moisture exposure and other sources of extensive wear.