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Recommendations For Water Well Problems And How To Remedy Them

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Having access to a water well on your property is a great way to get your own pure water source right at home. But with a water well, you need to keep the pump maintained and in working order and diagnose any problems that may spring up. Here are some problems you may encounter with your water well and its pump, and how you can repair them to restore your home's fresh source of water.

Your Water Smells, Looks, or Tastes Different

Each time you turn your home's water on you notice the quality of the water, so you will definitely recognize when something is off. When the water coming from your tap looks dirty or cloudy, has a bad odor, or has sediment that is coming out with the water, this can indicate a problem with your water well and the pump system. First off, you should have the water tested to make sure it does not contain any contaminants and it is safe to drink. You may find that some surface water that has contaminated your water source or the quality of water has changed with an increase in hardness or other minerals present in the water.

Another cause of this may be due to your water well pump has begun to get clogged with sand or silt from inside the well. When your water well ages it can sometimes begin to get filled with sediment from nearby soil pockets. When this happens, you will need to contact your water well professional to check the water well and clean out the sand and silt before it damages your water well pump. Your water well professional may be able to install a treatment system in the water well or in the system before the tank to filter out any sediment so it does not come through your water lines.

Your Water Contains a Lot of Air

Another problem you may experience with your water well pump is a large amount of water blasting out of your faucets, toilet lines, and showers. When water blows out of your faucet it can startle you as it makes a mess around the sink. However, having air in the line can indicate a problem with your water well pump.

As your water well pump ages, the section of pipe that brings the water up from the water well pump can begin to age and often break with a small crack or hole. Unfortunately, when this happens in your length of drop pipe it will incorporate air into the line and decrease the effectiveness of your well's pump. It can also allow dirt and other contaminants from the surrounding area to get into your line. 

Contact your local professional to check the line's condition. There is a possibility that the well's water level has dropped slightly to allow air to get into your water source, however, it is best to find any damage to your line so it can be repaired. 

If you have a water well that needs repair, contact a company near you that offers Water Well System Repair Services.