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Commercial Businesses: Why Are Many Of Your Electrical Outlets Dead?

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If you have numerous dead electrical outlets in your building, you want to discover why. Dead electrical outlets can be dangerous and unpredictable, especially if they damage your equipment or spark electrical fires in your building. Learn more about the dead outlets in your building and how you can fix them below.

Are Dead Outlets Safe?

It isn't uncommon for electrical outlets to go out during storms and power outages. Once you reset the outlets or circuit breaker, the outlets should work again. However, multiple outlets that go out for no apparent reason can be dangerous. Not only can dead outlets damage your electronic equipment, but they can also lead to widespread electrical problems throughout your building. 

Many things can cause multiple electrical outlets to die at the same time, including electrical overloads. Overloads can occur if you plug multiple pieces of equipment or appliances into the same outlet. Faulty wiring and parts can also cause overloads in the system. These habits or practices can cause power surges to occur in your building. The surges may overload and burn out several of the outlets in your offices. 

Although it's possible for you or your staff to replace the outlets in your building, you want to avoid doing so. The outlets may not be completely dead or safe to work on. Hire a commercial electrician instead.

How Do You Fix Dead Electrical Outlets?

A commercial electrician will need to test each dead outlet in your building before they can proceed with the repairs or replacements. Testing allows a contractor to discover why your outlets quit working at the same time. 

If your circuit breaker caused your outlets to die, an electrician can upgrade the box for you. Your circuit breaker may be too small to support all of the electrical loads traveling through your building. A new breaker may eliminate this issue for you.

If the test reveals something else wrong with your electrical system, such as poor wiring in your walls, a contractor may suggest you upgrade your wiring. Depending on your building's age, the wiring may be outdated or degraded beyond repair. Some types of wiring may not be properly grounded or insulated as well. If your building is very old, you may want to upgrade the wiring soon. An electrician can discuss other upgrades, repairs, and modifications with you when they inspect your building. 

If you need services now, contact a commercial electrician immediately.

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