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Etching And Commercial Glass Doors: What You Need To Know

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Glass doors in a commercial space make a significant impact on customers and how they perceive a business. These doors require special design techniques to help them stand out and look beautiful. Etched glass doors are especially beautiful and impactful. Here are some things you may find interesting about etched commercial glass door design:

How Does Glass Etching Work?

The process of etching involves the carving deeply into the glass surface to produce different shades of the design. The process has the same appearance as airbrushing, but the design is permanent. There are a variety of techniques used to etch on glass. One of the most common is sandblasting. The glass is blasted on the surface with very fine bits of sand material. This allows the look of a milky white color on the glass.  

As the designers sandblast the glass, they spray the sand at high velocities along the glass surface. The translucent effect is rougher than normal glass. The designer can adjust how translucent the glass is by using different degrees of force and different grades of sand.

How Is Etching Used in Commercial Architectural Applications?

Etching is widely used in commercial glass door applications. If you have ever noticed a company's logo or business name on the door when you enter, and it is not a vinyl application, chances are the glass was etched. A business can add a design to a door, window, and even interior glass structures through etching.

Etched glass enhances the aesthetic of a glass commercial door and helps to build brand awareness. It also sets the tone for the type of business.

 Can You Customize Etching?

One of the biggest advantages of etching in a commercial glass door is the amount of freedom you have with your design. You can customize a glass etching design to meet your exact specifications. You need to meet with the glass door designer and etching designer to discuss what you want and how it can happen. The glass door is first fabricated, and the etching process can begin.

 The process of etching your glass door for a commercial installation is a great way to add professionalism and flair to your space. You can even have your interior doors and other interior glass spaces etched if it matches your aesthetic. There are no limits to what etching can do for your glass surfaces. It can turn plain glass into an architectural work of art.

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