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Concrete Wall Damage Repair: The Basics

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When it comes to basement wall and foundation issues, identifying problems and knowing how to patch them is important. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't understand the basics of identifying problems, including knowing which damage is problematic and which can simply be patched with ready-mix concrete. Here are a few things you should know about when you should be using some ready-mix concrete to fix those basement wall and foundation issues.

Flat Cracks

When you see cracks in your foundation or basement walls, your first thought is likely to determine whether or not that crack is a serious structural threat. Run your fingers over the surface of the crack. If the two sides of the crack are basically flat, meaning that there's no difference in the elevation of one side compared to the other, the crack isn't a serious threat and can simply be patched up with ready-mix concrete to help secure it.

If, however, the crack is uneven, meaning that one side is sitting higher than the other, you will want to reach out to a concrete contractor and foundation repair company. That way, they can identify any potential structural problems and repair them for you.

Chips And Crumbling

Whether due to dried out concrete or physical damage, your basement walls and foundation could suffer from chipping or crumbling. Any kind of physical damage to the wall can weaken its structural integrity. You'll want to address it as soon as you notice it happening.

The best way to deal with crumbling or cracking is to first identify the cause of it when possible. Make sure that there's nothing external causing the problem. Then, you can take time to patch the affected areas. Apply ready-mix concrete to the walls to fill in the spaces left by the chips and the crumbling.

Mix the concrete a little bit thick, then spread it evenly over the wall. The goal is to create a smooth surface so that there's nothing that can be affected by texture damage. Just make sure that the wall is as clean as possible before you apply the new concrete. Otherwise, the new concrete will not likely stick to the surface adequately. Work with a concrete contractor if you don't feel that you have the skills to work with the concrete effectively. 

Contact a concrete company near you today for more information and to help you with your concrete wall restoration needs.