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Roofing Maintenance Checklist: Don't Forget These Two Important Areas

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When you own a home, it is vital to follow a maintenance schedule for the property. There are several areas of the building that need attention throughout different parts of the year. The roof is one of these areas, and it is also one of the most important. If the roof is neglected during maintenance checks, you may miss signs of damage that can lead to leaks and structural issues. There are certain spots on the roof that should be checked regularly to keep it clean and functioning the way it should.


Gutters are placed along the bottom of the roof on each side of the home. The roof naturally slopes on each side, which means the rainwater runs down into the gutters. Unfortunately, debris like sticks or leaves will also make their way into the gutters. When too much debris is in the gutter, it can cause a blockage in the system. Water backs up and cannot properly drain into the spouts. If it gets to be too much for the system, the gutters can bend or even break off the house. Regularly check the gutters, especially after storms or at the beginning of each season when they may be clogged with debris like dead leaves. You can also place a gutter guard over the top of the gutters. It has small holes and only allows water to enter the gutters.


Many people enjoy having natural lighting in their home. A great way to do this is by installing skylights into the ceiling of the rooms of the property. However, many skylights are an inch or two higher than the roof and can cause some issues. Make sure you regularly clean the area around the skylights when sticks or leaves get trapped on them. Snow or ice can also build up around the skylights and should be removed as soon as possible before it causes water damage. When water sits on the seal around the skylight, it can eventually cause leaks that will enter the interior of the home. This is also why you should also thoroughly inspect the glass for signs of cracks during maintenance checks.


Roof maintenance is extremely important, but even the best maintenance schedule can't prevent certain roof issues. When you are in need of residential roofing repairs, the best course of action is to hire a residential roofing company to fix it for you. They can also handle replacements if the situation calls for it.