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Historical Business And The Choices For Modern Renovations: 4 Tips To Help Choose Where And What Needs Demolition

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If you have a historic business, it may be time for renovations to bring buildings up-to-date with modern times. There are many things to consider for renovations, such as modern improvements and whether to rebuild or demolish. Demolition can be the entire building, partial, or complete interior demolition that leaves an exterior shell. The following tips will help you decide how to do demolition work before the renovations to your historic property:

1. Deciding Whether It Is Worth Saving the Existing Structure or If Rebuilding Makes More Sense

Sometimes, it may not be worth it to try to save the historic structure of a building. If the repair costs and materials will leave little of the original structure, it may be more cost-effective to have it completely demolished. You can save some of the original materials to reuse when rebuilding like woodwork and masonry. Use the original design or a similar, historically correct plan to rebuild your building.

2. Keeping the Exterior Shell of a Building and Completely Rebuilding Inside to Preserve Historic Designs

If the exterior shell of your historic building is made of brick, stone, or steel materials that are not too damaged or compromised, the demolition service may be able to save them. Talk with the contractor about gutting the interior and decaying wood structures to rebuild them but leave the exterior of buildings to preserve the historic look and design of your business.

3. Demolition of Unsightly Additions and Repairs That Are Not Historically Correct or Original

Over the years, historic buildings often get additions and repairs that are not only not historically correct but sometimes eyesores. When doing historic renovations, you will want to do demolition of any of these unsightly additions to buildings. If you need the extra space of additions, have an architect design them with a more historically correct styling and finishes that match the original areas of the building.

4. Partial and Precise Demolition of Areas of Buildings That Need Specific Repairs or Improvements

There are also some areas that may need to be partially demolished to complete repairs. These areas can include spaces with rotten floors, walls, and floors that are settling and need to be repaired. Talk with a demolition service about precision demolition in the areas of buildings that need extensive repairs or improvements.

These tips will help you decide how you want to do the demolition work for your historic renovations. If you are ready to give your historic business a modern makeover, contact a demolition service to help with the planning before you begin.