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3 Plumbing Questions To Answer When Planning The Layout Of A Warehouse Facility

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Transforming a completely empty warehouse facility into one that is fully operational can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. One of the first things to do is to prepare the facility for the various types of plumbing essentials that are necessary for a warehouse. Here are several things to consider about your operation before you move forward in the planning stages of the transformation. 

1. Will you need sprinklers? 

Most locations require sprinklers in many warehouse facilities. Ask your local building code enforcement personnel about what your requirements are regarding sprinkler systems for fire prevention. There are four types of sprinkler systems that use water, some of which use water: wet-pipe, dry-pipe, deluge, and pre-action sprinklers. The location of the sprinklers should be determined by where your pallet racks will be located as well as where any combustible items will be stored. 

2. Will you need a forklift battery charging station? 

Another thing that is essential to the operation of a warehouse facility is the forklift fleet. Most forklifts use batteries that need to be recharged at recharging stations located within the warehouse. Some batteries require water, which means you would need to have a water supply line to the forklift battery charging station.

Due to federal safety regulations, it's also important to have an eye-flushing station as well as a sink located adjacent to the battery charging station, so your employees will be able to flush their eyes and rinse their skin should they come in contact with battery acid while on the job. Keep in mind, too, that a sprinkler should be located above the battery charging station due to potential sparks that can ignite and start a fire, particularly in facilities that store combustible chemicals. 

3. Will you need to install new bathrooms? 

If the warehouse does not have a bathroom for employees to use, you'll obviously need to strongly consider installing at least one bathroom or more, depending on the number of employees working in the facility at any given time, as well as potable water that is safe for human consumption. If it's not feasible to install new bathrooms and drinking fountains inside the facility, you will need to build or provide a separate or adjoining facility due to federal safety regulations. 

Speak with a commercial plumbing service for more advice and recommendations on various plumbing essentials that your new warehouse facility should have. For more information, contact a company like Associated Mechanical Services Co.