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How To Unclog Your Toilet

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There are few things more annoying than a clogged toilet. You flush the toilet only to see water fill the bowl and run over the rim. It's a messy job to clean up and then you'll have to figure out how to unclog it. Unclogging a toilet isn't always an easy job. Here are some suggestions that might help.

Start With A Plunger

If the toilet clog was sudden, then it could simply be a wad of toilet paper being stuck in a turn of the pipe. You can easily remedy the situation by using a plunger. Be sure there is some water in the bowl and get a good seal with the plunger so you can push a lot of force through the drain. If the toilet has been acting up for some time and you've had to use the plunger often, then there could be other problems going on with the toilet. You may want to call in a plumber before the situation gets worse.

Clear The Drain Of Clogs

A clogged sewer line gives you all kinds of toilet problems. Before the problem becomes bad, you'll probably have advanced warning in the form of a toilet that is slow to empty when you flush it. That could be an indication you need to have the sewer line cleaned out. This can be done with a sewer snake that chops up paper clogs and tree roots, or a hydro jet that blasts obstructions on through the pipe with a strong jet of water.

Inspect The Sewer Line For Problems

If you have ongoing problems with your toilet, such as clogging again in a few months after you've snaked the line, you may want to run a sewer camera through the line. A camera sends video to a monitor that lets you know if you have a problem with tree roots or if the pipe is partially collapsed. This lets you know the cause of your toilet problems so you know what needs to be done to fix them. A sewer camera also has a locator beacon attached. This lets you mark the exact spot of the collapse or root problem so you know where to dig in your yard to get to the damaged pipe.

You probably won't put off problems with toilet clogs since they are headaches if the bowl overflows, but there are other reasons to fix a clogged sewer line. Waste could actually back into your bathtub or overflow into your yard and create a health hazard. So if your toilet problems are beyond what a plunger can handle, consider calling in a plumbing service, like Royal-T-Rooter Service, to find the problem and fix it before waste starts backing up the pipe.