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New Puppy? 3 Ways Artificial Grass Is Ideal For Pet Owners

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Puppies love outside time, and there is nothing that you enjoy more than taking your new animal companion outside to play. However, you can't help but notice the toll that a new puppy is taking on your grass. While you want them to enjoy the lush feeling of a green landscape, you also know that constant lawn maintenance is cutting into your chances to bond with your new pup. Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds by using artificial grass to add these benefits to your current landscaping and pet care plans.

Prevent Common Pests

Fleas and ticks are irritating pests that tend to congregate in yards where pets spend their time. While you should always work with your vet to develop a good pest prevention plan, it also helps to limit the amount of pests that your dog is exposed to in your yard. Synthetic turf makes this easy because it always stays the same height, and the lack of soil reduces the places where insects can lay their eggs.

Make House-Training Easy

Artificial grass for dogs is ideal for house-training because all it takes is a quick spray with a water hose to remove liquid waste outside. Since synthetic blades can't die, you also do not have to worry about urine spots creating yellow patches of dying grass. Instead, your lawn will stay lush and green all year long. You can also use a small patch of the grass indoors to maintain house-training when you are not at home.

Curb Digging Behavior

New puppies love to dig, and it takes some time to train your puppy not to try to burrow under the fence. Unfortunately, digging behaviors do more than just tear up your natural grass lawn. It also makes it more likely for your dog to get lost or hurt if they manage to dig deep enough to escape their boundaries. Artificial turf grass is dig resistant, and you can use it in your whole lawn or just along the fence line to stop this dangerous behavior.

Look forward to the time that you spend outside with your pet by choosing a landscaping material that offers the same comfort and eye appeal as natural grass without all of the hassle. Since synthetic turf is easier to clean, pest-resistant and strong enough to stand up to your puppy's wildest behavior, it fits seamlessly into your new lifestyle. Talk to professionals at companies like Bourget Bros. Building Materials to learn more.