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Was Concrete Pumping Recommended For Your Job? Learn When Pumping Is Recommended Over Pouring

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A concrete pump is a piece of machinery that attaches to the back of a concrete mixer truck. The pump pumps the concrete from the truck into hoses, where the concrete can be distributed. Typically, a chute is used to dump concrete from the truck onto the spot where is needed or into wheelbarrows where it can be distributed. However, in some cases, this is not an option or is not the preferred method. If you are having concrete laid at your construction site and the concrete company recommends using concrete pumping, you may wonder why. Here are a few of the reasons why concrete pumping may be recommended over a traditional pouring method from a chute. 

Concrete Needs to Be Spread Over a Large Area

One of the reasons why pumping may be recommended over pouring is that concrete needs to be spread over a large area. After concrete is poured out of the back of the truck, the concrete is spread by hand using hand concrete spreading tools. However, the concrete can only be spread so far before it begins to harden. If you are looking to spread a large amount of concrete over a large area, pumping is typically recommended. The hose can simply be moved as needed to spread the concrete out, ensuring it can be spread and smoothed by hand before it gets the chance to harden. 

Concrete Is Needed Up High

When concrete is needed up high, concrete pumping is the only method that will work. The hose connected to a concrete pumper can be placed several stories up, helping to pump concrete up to a high-rise building that is under construction or to build balconies or infinity pools several stories up. 

Concrete is Needed Where a Concrete Trucks Can't Fit

The last reason why pumping may be recommended over pouring is because the hoses connected to a concrete pumper can fit in places where concrete trucks can't. If a concrete truck cannot fit in a tight space, you have two option. You can pour it into a wheelbarrow and dump it, or you can pump it. If the amount of concrete that is needed is small, using a wheelbarrow may be an option. However, if it is large, it can take a lot of time to go back and forth from the job site to where the concrete mixer truck is stored. Using a pump and hose is faster and more efficient. 

If you are having concrete poured at your home, business or construction site, there are different methods that a concrete professional may recommend. If concrete needs to be spread over a large area, if concrete is needed up high or if a large amount of concrete is needed where a truck can't fit, concrete pumping will likely be recommended.