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How Can I Fix My Leaky Faucet?

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With a leaky faucet in your home, you might be kept up by dripping sounds, or just concerned that you're wasting water. If you have a bit of a handy skill set, you can try these methods for fixing a leaky faucet:

Replace Washers

The sink's pressure is controlled partly by a washer within the handle. It gets worn over time and can become stripped or loose. This is a cheap fix to try before you move on to other options. You could also try replacing the O-ring inside the handle.

Check Outlet and Inlet Seals

These seals are important for keeping the reserve of water out of your sink when you're not using it. If the seal is loose, water will continuously escape the pipes; it's a simple fix to try if you have time to go to the home improvement store nearest you.

Look for Corrosion

A big problem that occurs with faucets over time is when there is corrosion within the apparatus. If so, you can no longer expect it to fully hold water in its reservoir. The only solution would be to replace the whole faucet handle. Always do an inspection of the faucet handle to see if this is the case.

In general, when trying to fix a faucet that's been leaking, ask yourself a few questions:

Can I Isolate the Source of the Problem?

Is the water leaking from the tip or the base of the faucet handle? Or is it coming from somewhere else entirely? Can you rule out cracking and breakage on the exterior and interior of the device?

How's the Water Supply?

Have you had and bursts of water pressure in other appliances? Maybe the problem isn't with the faucet, but with your water supply forcing water out through the faucet handle.

Are Other Plumbing Fixtures Acting Strangely?

Overall, do you notice any problems with toilets, showerheads, or multiple faucets? If so, you probably have a plumbing problem.

How Much Pressure Is In the Leak?

You can often hear how bad a leak is; the pressure is very audible. If there is strong pressure in the faucet handle, or you hear a lot of water running, contact an emergency plumbing service.

Inspecting a faucet handle may be simple enough, but getting a fix for a deeper plumbing issue will take more expertise. When you can't figure out a quick solution for the faucet leak, such as tightening nuts and bolts and replacing loose seals or fasteners, a plumber can help you out by examining the system at large and recommending replacements and repairs that would solve your problem.

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