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How To Use Vinegar To Scrub Mildew Off Your Vinyl Siding

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Durable and easy to maintain, vinyl siding is well known and highly regarded for its ability to stand up to the elements. Although this material is built to last for decades on end, some maintenance is required. In addition to dirt and debris, vinyl siding can become a breeding ground for mildew and mold if it is not cleaned on at least an annual basis.

Whether you have neglected to regularly wash your vinyl siding or inherited a home with siding covered already coated in a thick coat of mildew, there is a simple solution. While power washing vinyl siding is effective on mildew, those high-powered water streams could potentially displace or damage it as well. Commercial cleaners work well to eliminate any organisms growing on your home's vinyl siding but the topsoil in your yard could easily become contaminated.

Why Choose Vinegar To Clean Your Vinyl Siding?

The most natural and trusted method of eliminating mildew from vinyl siding is vinegar. You will need to apply a little elbow grease in order to get all the mildew from your vinyl siding strips and trim, but you won't need to clean the exterior of your home for another year. Grab some towels, a natural bristle household scrub brush, a pair of gloves and get ready to go to work.

To effectively clean mildew from vinyl siding, stick to white vinegar. Distilled white vinegar is best. Dilute the vinegar with water until you are left with a solution of approximately 30% vinegar and 70% water. Pour the vinegar solution into a bucket or spray bottle for easier application. The idea is to saturate any areas of vinyl siding where mildew is visible. If you let the vinegar solution sit for a few minutes the mildew will be much easier to remove.

Maintaining Your Vinyl Siding With White Vinegar

To keep results consistent, you will want to start cleaning the siding from bottom to top. Use firm pressure to scrub off all of the mildew with a towel, scrub brush or both. Go back and reapply the vinegar solutions to any areas where mildew remains on your vinyl siding. It should be long before all mildew is eliminated from the siding, leaving you with a visibly clean and appealing result.

It usually takes months for mildew to build up on vinyl siding, so give your home's exterior a quick wipe down with white vinegar on a regularly scheduled basis. If you treat your siding before mildew becomes a problem again, you will be able to complete the job in record time. For more information, contact companies like Stark Siding Inc.