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3 Reasons A Submersible Well Pump Only Delivers A Little Water

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Has water stopped flowing out of your faucets at full force? There are a few things that can cause a drop in water pressure, especially if you receive it from a well. You might need to get a few of the well parts replaced or repaired by a professional contractor to resolve the problem. In this article, you will learn a few things that can help you figure out what might be causing low water pressure in your house.

Something Has Gone Wrong with the Discharge Lines

The discharge lines are the main parts of a submersible well pump that helps with water delivery to your house. There are a few things that can go wrong with the lines, including an accumulation of too much air inside of them. As the air builds up, it prevents water from flowing through the lines at the fullest extent, which can cause water to only trickle out of your faucets. Simply hire a contractor to reopen the discharge line valve to release the excessive amount of air. It is also possible that there is a cracked line that is causing water to leak out before it fully reaches your home plumbing system.

The Submersible Well Pump Has Problematic Parts

The main part of a submersible well pump that helps it to operate is the motor. It is possible that your pump is not pulling a sufficient amount of water out of the ground due to the motor being problematic. It is possible that the motor is covered in dirt and needs to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional. However, it is also possible that the pump has become old and needs to be replaced if repairs are not possible. If the motor is not in a bad condition, you might be dealing with bad pump wiring that is preventing it from being powerful enough to function as it should.

Circuit Breakers Are Not Delivering Enough Electricity to the Pump

It is possible that there isn't anything directly wrong with your submersible well pump to interfere with water delivery. The problem might stem from the circuit breakers in your house needing some attention. If the circuit breakers are damaged, they may not be sending a sufficient amount of volts into the pump wires. An electrician can inspect your electrical panel to determine if a repair to the breakers is necessary. Speak to a well contractor to find out if your submersible pump has problems.