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Aluminum Sunroom Construction: Make Sure Your Bases Are Covered

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If you plan to have an aluminum sunroom built, you should have the process handled by professional contractors who know how to construct the sunroom properly. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't look carefully at the sunroom to make sure that it has been constructed properly and also fulfills your needs.

Electrical Raceways

Aluminum sunrooms must have electrical raceways that are up to code. A raceway is an enclosed conduit that carries the electrical wires. It is designed to prevent heat, corrosion and humidity from damaging the wires while they are exposed to the elements. The raceways should be designed to be safe and to also not interfere with the use of the sunroom.

Roller Wheels

The roller wheels must be inspected to make sure that the windows and doors always operate smoothly. The most durable option is steel wheels on a stainless steel track. Otherwise, the windows and doors will be less convenient to use and the track will be more likely to become damaged.


If you have a sunroom that is considered a four season sunroom, this means that it will be eligible for the ENERGY STAR program. This is a program that is designed to help both businesses and individuals save money on energy usage. It rates appliances and fixtures to ensure that they use techniques that are known to use less energy and are better for the environment.

For a sunroom to be energy-efficient, it must have a seal that is draft-proof. By being draft-proof, the seal will prevent thermal transfer out of the windows. The windows must have an R-value that does not allow ultraviolet light to damage flooring, furniture and carpeting.

Window Glare

Make sure that the screens are glare free. Black aluminum screens can reduce the obstruction of your outdoor view. They are also much more durable.

Window Coatings

Sunrooms have a lot of windows that lead to a lot of cleaning. It is a good idea to have the sunroom windows covered with coatings that are designed to make the windows easier to clean.

Sunroom Handles

The handles of a sunroom must always be strong because they receive a lot of use. Make sure that they are made using durable materials and that they are tightly fastened. The handles must be sized to where they are easy to grip. Each of these characteristics will ensure that your sunroom is as good as it can be. For more information about aluminum patio covers, contact a business such as Rollins Construction.