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3 Springtime Maintenance Tasks That Will Ensure Your Roof Is Ready For Summer

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With the weather getting warmer, it is the time of year to start spring cleaning and home maintenance projects. You may be doing things like preparing the AC for summer, but there are also other tasks that you may want to do, such as inspect your roof and do needed repairs. If you check your roof now, you may be able to avoid serious problems when summer gets here. Here are some of the roof maintenance tasks that you can do this spring to avoid costly roof repairs this summer:

1. Clean The Gutters And Remove Any Debris

During the winter months, debris from trees and your roof can get washed into the gutters. This can happen even if you have guards on the gutters. During the spring, it is a good time to clean the gutters and look for any problems with debris building up on your roof. This can help to prevent problems with rot and wear around the eaves of the roof. You may also want to cut branches from trees back to reduce debris and prevent fungus growth on your roof.

2. Check Your Roof For Winter Damage From Ice Dams

Winter freezes with snow and ice can cause ice dams to form on your roof. This happens as snow melts and refreezes, which can lead to wear on your roof. This is something that commonly happens around the eaves of your roof or where snow builds up, such as behind a chimney. The first weeks of spring are a good time to check for wear around these areas to ensure your roof does not need repairs from this winter damage. This wear can often be seen where granules have been worn off shingles more in these areas than in other places on your roof.

3. Look For Signs Of Shingle Wear And Areas That Need Repair

Shingles can also just become worn over the winter months. This can be due to things like weathering and wind damage. When you are doing other maintenance to your roof, look for signs of wear on your roof. Sometimes, this wear may be in areas where there is more runoff or because of problems like moss and fungus growth. If the wear is only in a specific area, it may only be this area that needs repair. If the worn shingles are widespread on your roof, it may be time to start considering a complete roof replacement before summer arrives.

These are some of the roof maintenance tasks that you may want to do this spring. If you need help with repairs and maintenance to your roof before summer gets here, contact a roofing contractor to make sure your home is ready for the summer heat. Companies like Danny Odom & Son Roofing may be able to help meet your needs.