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Is A Convection Space Heater Right For You?

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When heating your home, you have a huge number of options available to you. In fact, there are so many different heating styles that it can be pretty easy to get confused about which heater does what. To help you figure out the best solution for your situation, here is an overview of a very specific type of space heater: the convection space heater.

What is a convection space heater?

The basic idea of a convection space heater is that the appliance creates heat, adds it to some air, and then projects that air throughout the room. By using a fan, the heater can distribute that heat throughout the room, slowly increasing the average temperature of the air.

This ultimately results in a very warm room that feels quite comfortable. While it may take a while to actually heat the room up as much as you like, the results will stick around for quite a while and room will take a long time to drop back down to the original temperature.

How is a convection space heater different from a radiant space heater?

The main alternative to a convection heater is a radiant space heater, which works in a very different way. Radiant heaters project heat directly at objects, which makes you feel warm very quickly. However, since the room isn't actually being heated all that quickly, the effect will dissipate once the heater has been turned off. While the effect is much quicker to build up, it will vanish just as quickly if you turn the heater off.

In what situations is a convection space heater ideal?

If you are looking to heat a room for a long period of time, then a convection space heater is perfect. The slow buildup of heat might not be noticeable on the first day, but as long as you turn the heater on from time to time, it will keep that temperature high and pleasant.

While a radiant heater would consume a ton of energy while trying to make you feel warm in a room that isn't really getting hotter, a convection heater can actually make the room warm and then take a break.

When is a convection space heater not the best tool for the job?

If you want to feel warm immediately, then a convection heater isn't your best bet. It will eventually make your room warm, but if you really want to feel the heat in a few minutes, then a radiant heater could be more compelling. Similarly, if you want to heat your entire home instead of just a single room, then a central heater or a heat pump might be a lot more efficient. Click here to learn more from a go to site.