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Think Before You Sink—4 Steps To Designing The Right Pool For Your Yard

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Building a custom swimming pool is a fun, adventurous home project, and one that will result in something you'll love to use and show off. But since most homeowners have never designed a pool before, there can be some pitfalls. Here are 4 ways to avoid them and end up with the pool of your dreams. 

Know Your Yard

Digging a giant hole in the backyard and filling in much of the space with a pool is a huge change to the landscape and ground, so be sure you know where everything is—and will be—in the yard. Start by making sure you are avoiding all utilities, easements, septic tanks and existing foundations. Then decide what parts of the landscape must stay in place and what can go. A favorite tree or clump of trees, your rose garden, the kids' play area or standing outbuildings might be the kinds of things you will need to design your pool to complement or work around. Keeping these in mind when working with your pool designer will inform the size and shape of your pool as well. 

Consider the View

Once you've assessed the physical needs of the yard, it's time to look at its aesthetic needs. Walk all the way around the area you expect to place the pool and look at it from all angles. Seldom-used angles aren't particularly important, but areas where guests and family will be approaching the pool or lounging around it should be attractive. Don't forget to walk through the house as well, looking out the windows and sliding doors at the pool area again. Knowing what views will be seen most often will help you determine where to place accessories like water features, slides or grottoes. It will also help you determine where you can keep an eye on the kids and where to place entertainment spaces. 

Create One or Two Main Focal Points 

Now that you've assessed the view from all angles and found your most important locations, create a focal point to highlight them. Focal points can be things like waterfalls, fake rocks, a beach entrance, a fire pit or a swim-up bar. Mos pools should have no more than one or two of such focal points. Place them where they can be enjoyed by the most guests and are also easy to use. 

Blend It With the Yard

Finally, think about the pool as part of the whole landscaping theme of the backyard. Few homeowners would be happy with a large slab of concrete paving over the yard and creating an eye sore. To avoid this, look for ways to integrate the pool into the existing color or style schemes. You can do this with such features as shape (oval or random pools, for example, create a more organic feel; square shapes are more modern), color usage in the pool, placement of trees or bushes and use of hardscaping like rocks or pergolas. You may want to work not only with your pool contractor but also with a qualified landscaper to blend the pool into the yard. 

By following these 4 steps, you can solidify and visualize what you really want from your new pool. This will help save time, frustration and money when meeting with your pool designer to create that perfect backyard getaway. Contact a custom swimming pool design and construction company like Nassau Pools Construction Inc. for more information.