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Replacing All Of Your Bathroom Fixtures? Types Of Plumbing Services You Can Expect From A Plumbing Contractor

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When it is time to completely remodel your bathroom, you may be wondering if you should do it yourself or have a plumbing contractor, such as the contractors found at companies like Towers-Murray Plumbing Co Inc, do it for you. Although you could easily remove most of the fixtures on your own, the complications you may encounter with the plumbing would still require plumbing services. Here are just some of the plumbing services involved with a bathroom remodel and what you can expect from your plumbing contractor.

Shutting Off the Water Sources

All of the water that comes into your bathroom plumbing needs to be shut off. Sometimes it is a nightmare when you have to find the shut-off valves in the basement  or in your crawlspace because you are not quite sure that you have the right valves or you just cannot find them because they are hidden behind other pipes or ventilation shafts. Your plumber can locate these valves for you, turn the water off and "bleed" the plumbing so you do not have a lot of water running everywhere in your bathroom when you remove the fixtures.

Removing Stubborn Screws and Tight Pipes

A plumber's wrench can remove just about any tight pipe or stubborn screw you may encounter in your bathroom. However, if you do not already own a plumber's wrench, you may be better off hiring a plumbing contractor at the hourly rate, since that is typically what it will cost to purchase a decent, high-quality plumber's wrench to address pipes that are two inches in diameter or larger. Then the plumbing contractor can bring his or her plumber's wrench to your remodeling "party" and help you remove fixtures, pipes and screws that refuse to be removed. 

Lifting and Removing the Old Fixtures out of the House

While a bathroom sink or vanity is hardly too heavy for most people to lift and carry out of the house, the toilet may be a challenge and the tub is definitely a two-person job. If you are  dealing entirely with porcelain fixtures, including your tub, you could use a sledgehammer to break these items into pieces and then carry the pieces out. Just be aware that you run the risk of cutting yourself on the sharp edges of shattered porcelain fixtures in the process. Instead, you and the plumbing contractor can lift these old fixtures out of the house together, and then he or she can help you bring the new fixtures in as well.