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Granite Is Perfect For Kitchen Countertops

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Granite can add a lot of class to any kitchen cabinet system. It can add style and functionality to your entire kitchen. This is a great remodel because every piece of granite is essentially unique and it will add value to your room. Granite certainly looks classier and more modern than formica or laminate countertops. This article explains why granite is ideal for kitchen countertops and how to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Granite is Extremely Hard

Granite is a very hard material. It is formed underneath the Earth's surface when molten iron ore is quickly cooled as it rises to the surface. This formation process gives granite its distinct look and strength. It has a measure of hardness (moh) of 7 out of 10. This is why many people prepare their food directly on their granite countertop, even cutting food on it. Granite does not scratch very easily and it will not show the signs of everyday usage.

Granite is Non-Porous

Since granite is non-porous, it is less susceptible to water damage. Standing water will not soak into sealed granite, causing mold to form. When it comes to kitchens, granite is very sanitary as long as it is kept clean. Wiping down your granite with a wet rag will keep its surface protected from bacteria.

Granite Needs to Be Sealed

Granite is naturally very strong, but you must further reinforce it with sealant. You only need to reseal granite every few years. As long as you keep it clean on a regular basis, the surface will remain sealed. If you neglect regular cleaning, you might need to reseal the counter more frequently.

Sealing granite is a very easy process. You first need to clean it thoroughly with special granite cleaner. Make sure you use designated granite sealant. You just rub it on and off with a sponge. Then, you apply the sealant with a new (clean) sponge. Make sure you get ample coverage and then wipe away the excess before it dries or forms a film on the granite. For added strength you should apply a second (or even third) coat. The sealant will protect the granite and restore the sheen.

The great thing about granite is that it will make your cabinets look custom. However, you need to be willing to reseal granite every few years if you want to keep it looking new. If you want low maintenance and stylish countertops, look no further than granite.