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Make The Most Of Your Small Kitchen With The Right Cabinetry Features

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If you are struggling with organization in your kitchen due to its smaller size, it may not be entirely the fault of the limited square footage, but instead due to the cabinetry. Before you make the decision to rip out the current cabinets and replacing them entirely, you should explore what options are available for giving your cabinets a new look that will provide more storage.

With these clever and inexpensive changes, you can improve the cabinetry in the kitchen and gain some much-needed storage space.

Take Advantage of All the Space Inside the Cabinets

In order for your kitchen cabinets to be as efficient as possible, it is best to add features inside that allow you to fit more dishes and cookware. This can be done by putting in a Lazy Susan that allows you to rotate all the items inside the cabinet easily. Shelving inside the cabinets can also ensure that you can fit more without it being disorganized.

Consider Putting in a Pantry to Maximize Storage

The cabinets in your kitchen are often used for storing food, as well as dishes, but it does not need to be this way if you get a pantry installed. A small closet near your kitchen can be used for a pantry instead, allowing you to store dry and canned foods more efficiently and opening up more storage in the kitchen itself.

Go Vertical When Installing New Cabinets

If you are interested in adding new cabinets somewhere in the kitchen, but are limited in space, it is best to take advantage of the empty space above the existing cabinets. Going vertical may mean that you will need a stool to reach the top cabinets, but it can ensure that every inch of your kitchen is used as efficiently as possible.

Make Room Inside the Cabinets with a Mounted Pot Rack

An entire cabinet could be used entirely for storing pots and skillets, while also being difficult to sort through due to their weight and bulky sizes. An alternative to consider is getting a mounted pot rack. Not only are ceiling mounted racks a great way to get more space in your kitchen, they can also keep all of your favorite pots and pans at arm's reach while cooking.

Surveying your kitchen and the amount of storage space you have available can be frustrating if the room is limited in square footage. Making improvements to the kitchen cabinets and exploring other sources of storage can ensure that your kitchen stays neat and that everything is in a proper spot. For assistance, tlak to a kitchen remodeler like Economy Kitchen & Bath.