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Four Tips To Help You Deal With Basement Water Problems And Drainage

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If you have a home on a basement foundation, you can be sure that you will be constantly battling problems with drainage. This can be due to things like poor drainage, older foundation waterproofing, and climatic changes that cause condensation. Water problems can also come from plumbing in your home. Here are some tips to help you deal with the water and drainage problems in your basement:

1. Installing A French Drain System To Keep Water Out

Water can get into your basement in many ways, such as waterproofing failure, condensation, and plumbing. A French drain system is a series of pipes that are installed beneath the foundation to catch this water. If you do not have a French drain system, you may want to consider having one installed to protect your basement from water damage.

2. Updating Plumbing Installations To Prevent Water Damage

The plumbing in your basement can be another area where water can get into your home. In your basement, it is important to have one-way valves and other systems to protect your home. This can also include shutoff valves and larger sump pumps. You may want to add some of these improvements to your basement plumbing to prevent water damage.

3. Addressing Exterior Drainage Problems To Reduce Foundation Problems

The drainage outside of your home can also affect the water problems in your basement. You want to make sure you have good grading so that water drains away from the foundation. Other landscaping improvements, such as drainage lines, can also help to reduce static water pressure against your home and prevent water problems.

4. Updating Foundation Waterproofing To Ensure Your Basement Stays Dry

Another area that can cause water problems in your basement is the waterproofing. This can be due to older homes with asphalt sealant that has dried out. It can also come from damage to the foundation due to static water pressure. You can have the waterproofing repaired and updated to ensure water does not get in your basement. If you do these improvements, you may want to consider a membrane system that is less likely to fail because of things like cracks in foundation walls.

These are some tips to help you deal with the water and drainage problems in your basement. If you need help keeping the water out of your home, contact a basement waterproofing contractor (such as B-Sure Systems Inc.) and talk with them about doing some of these improvements.