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How To Keep Pool Time Fun This Summer

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Pools are great and your kids are sure to enjoy them. After awhile though, the pool may become a mundane thing, just like any other toy your child may own. To make it a little more fun and interesting, you can add some pool toys and additions your kids are sure to enjoy. See below for some fun toys, games and additions to keep your pool from becoming boring.


  • Squirting Noodles. Just like regular noodle pool toys, but these squirt water. Have a water gun fight in the pool.
  • Pool Floats. Pool floats are available in all sorts of different varieties. You can find a shark or a turtle for your child to float and ride on, or tube floats and flat lounge floats. There are even floats to help hold your drinks and keep them cold. Adding pool floats will keep your pool interesting.
  • Sport Toys. You can add a basketball net made for pools, or a net to play volleyball in the pool. Your children can play against each other, or get the adults involved to play too.


  • Marco Polo. This is a childhood favorite. It's played by making one person "it", and he has to catch someone to make another person "it". The difference between this game and a regular game of hide and seek is that the person that is "it" in the pool has to keep their eyes closed and will call out "marco" while the other players will call out "polo".
  • Diving For Treasure. Throw some pool toys that sink and float into the pool and have your kids dive into the pool to retrieve them. The person that gets the most, or gets them the fastest wins.
  • Hula Hoop Tunnel. Ask an adult to hold a hula hoop, or several hula hoops in a row in your pool. Your children can swim through the hoops but can't touch the sides. Have your children wear goggles to help them see.


  • Slide. What child wouldn't want to go down the pool slide? You can find a slide that is straight, curved, or even a bumpy slide. There are even blow-up slides available. Be sure your homeowner's association will allow this type of addition on your pool before you install something like this.
  • Rock Wall. Add a rock wall to your pool for your kids to climb up on. They'll fall back to the pool when finished. 
  • Diving Board. Add a springy diving board to your pool. This is a good addition for deeper pools. Your kids will enjoy working on their cannon balls and dives.

Look for pool toys and additions at your local pool supply store. Take your kids with you to pick out something. Playing games, having plenty of toys and a little imagination will help keep your pool from becoming dull.

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