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2 Easy Ways To Make Your Patio Doors More Private

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Patio doors serve a valuable role in helping you to merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately, the same large glass panels that let you see through to your patio can also compromise your privacy when you are spending time strictly indoors.

Here are two easy solutions you can utilize to help make your patio doors more private in the future.

1. Sew a set of roman shades.

While many people think that curtains are too bulky for a patio door, roman shades can be used to help give you the privacy you are looking for. Instead of opening horizontally like traditional curtains (which requires space and a lot of fabric), roman shades open vertically to achieve maximum convenience.

To sew a set of roman shades for your own patio doors, you will need 2 yards of fabric that match your home's decor, some fusible webbing tape, and some basic hardware and sewing supplies. Cut the fabric to fit the windows on your patio doors, use the webbing tape to hem your fabric panel, and sew rod pockets into the fabric panel. Add ring tape, cording, and a header board, and you will have a stylish way to restore your privacy.

2. Use contact paper to create an etched glass look.

If you are looking for a way to maximize your privacy without restricting the amount of light your patio doors let in, then creating a faux etched glass finish is your best bet. All you need for this simple project is some contact paper, scissors, and a template in a shape that you like.

Map out your design to ensure that your template will work before you begin cutting. Trace the template onto the paper side of the contact paper, and carefully cut out each shape. Then, apply the contact paper to the glass in your patio doors and enjoy the privacy this simple finish can provide.

Authorities estimate that 2,000,000 home burglaries are committed each year. When your patio doors fail to provide you with privacy, you allow would-be thieves the opportunity to easily see into your home and calculate the value of your belongings. By doing something as simple as sewing a roman shade for, or applying a faux etched glass finish to, your patio doors, you can reduce your chances of being burglarized. Keep your home safe, and your indoor activities out of sight, by making your patio doors more private.