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Three Common Electrical Blunders Homeowners Make That They Consider Bright Ideas

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Humans tend to think that once they have become familiar enough with an idea, they are qualified to make certain choices. While this may be true in a lot cases, this is almost never the case when it comes to electricity. The next time you have a bright idea, make sure that you consider some of these common electrical blunders homeowners make.

This Fuse Keeps Blowing. It must just need a larger fuse.

If you have a fuse in your electric box that just keeps blowing or a breaker that keeps on tripping, it is not because the fuse or breaker is too small. It is easy to assume that a larger amp breaker or fuse will solve the problem, but this is one of the most dangerous assumptions you can make. Every component of your home has a recommended ampere rating for its size and electrical requirement. A fuse that is too large will deliver too much current to the device and could cause wires and components to overheat, which is never a good thing. If you have a problem with blown fuses or tripped breakers, it is a good sign that you need an electrician, not a larger component.

The higher watt bulb will give more light. The wattage rating is just a recommendation anyway.

That light fixture in your home plainly tells you what type of bulb should be used. However, you know that a higher watt bulb will mean a brighter light. You are right, the wattage rating of an electrical fixture is just a recommendation, but one that should be strictly adhered to. High watt bulbs that a fixture is not designed for can cause overheating of the base of the fixture or its outlying components.

Extension cords will give more outlets and that is really all that matters.

It is perfectly fine to use extension cords on a temporary basis. For example, during the holidays when you need an additional plug-in for the lights on your tree. However, drop cords should not be used as a long-term solution for lack of electrical outlets in a room. In fact, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, this should always be a temporary solution. Long term use creates a risk for damage to the cord, which can become a fire hazard.

You may think that you have a light bulb moment when trying to solve an electrical issue, but these bright ideas could actually cause a fire hazard in your home. It is always a better choice to consult with a certified electrician, one like RDS Electric, for help when you have an issue with wiring or electrical components of the home.