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Remodeling A Home Before You Move In? Upgrade The Security Features When You Upgrade Its Look

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Did you just purchase a new home? Are you looking to move in after a few quick remodels? One aspect of remodeling that you want to pay particular attention to before you move is your new home's security features -- or the lack of them.

Install Keyless Locks

Talk to a security expert or locksmith and have keyless locks installed in your home prior to the start of the remodeling. You can give the key code to your contractor and then he or she can distribute it to subcontractor's and employees as needed. Once the remodeling is over and you're ready to move in, you can simply change the code, rather than invest in new locks.

While you are having the keyless locks installed make sure to change or install deadbolts on all exterior doors, for additional security.

Light It All Up

Bright lighting around your property is a thief's worst enemy. Have your contractor install exterior motion sensors that automatically turn on when someone is in the area. Make sure that all points of entry, including any windows big enough for a thief to crawl through, are illuminated.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Ask your contractor to install a hidden wall safe -- or two -- in your home. You don't need to be wealthy to make good use of one. Items like your jewelry, firearms and emergency cash can be stored away in a safe that's discreetly tucked behind a false panel in the back of a closet or behind a mirror.

Bedrooms and home offices are the usual places to install wall safes, which is also where thieves look for them. Because of that, consider having one installed somewhere else, like behind a false kitchen cupboard or in the hall coat closet.

Secure Your Windows

You should always make sure that none of your windows or locks are broken before you move into a new home. However, consider having security film added to your windows. Security film can protect you from both thieves and storm damage.

If the glass breaks, the film holds the shards together, which prevents damage from flying glass during a storm. It will also slow down a potential thief, because he or she can't smash and enter as quickly. Since statistics indicate that the average thief doesn't want to waste more than 60 seconds getting into your home, anything you can do to slow a thief down even a little can help protect your home.

Remodeling and moving into a new home can be a wonderful adventure. While you are in the process of preparing for the move, however, work with a home remodeling business, such as Art Hoffstrom Builders, to make sure that your home has all of the upgrades that it needs, including those related to your security. Ask your contractor to walk through the home with you and make suggestions for improvements as you go, so that your new home is the safest it can be.