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How To Decorate The Area Around Your Fountain

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If you have a fountain in your backyard, enhance its beauty by placing some decorative landscaping around its exterior. Some inexpensive materials and hard work can really make a difference in how well your property looks. Once finished, you will have a beautiful area to relax and enjoy the time that you spend outdoors. 

Use These Supplies

  • gardening shovel
  • hand shovel
  • measuring tape
  • wooden stakes
  • flat paving stones
  • flowers (different colors and varieties)
  • bags of soil
  • water hose
  • bark mulch
  • lounge chairs
  • small table
  • wheelbarrow

Mark And Dig Out The Area

Use a measuring tape to assist with keeping the lines straight for the outline of the decorative area. Mark the corners of this section with wooden stakes. Remove weeds, rocks, and grass in this area. Dig down several inches so that the roots to each flower you will be planting will have plenty of room. Place the dirt, weeds, rocks, and grass in a wheelbarrow so that it will be easy for you to transport them to another location.

Plant The Flowers And Add A Border

Decide what type of pattern you would like to use for the flowers. You may want to alternate the kinds that are outlining the fountain. Another option is to use the same type, but select different colors. Place each flower in the ground, evenly spaced. Cover up the roots and fill in any gaps with nutrient rich soil.

If the soil that was previously present isn't the best quality, use bags of soil that you have purchased from a retailer. Smooth down the surface of the soil with a garden shovel so that the entire section is uniform. Place paving stones next to the flowers to form a decorative border. Press each stone firmly into the ground. 

Add Bark Mulch

Bark mulch through a company like Purdy Topsoil & Gravel will cover up the soil and will add a great deal of beauty to the area that you have just created. Use a shovel to place the bark mulch on top of the soil. Smooth out the mulch and make sure that the ground is covered up completely. Bark mulch will prevent weeds from growing and will help the soil retain moisture.

Place a couple lounge chairs and a small table around the area that you have just designed. Water the flowers regularly so that they continue to look nice and grow well. Having a peaceful area to relax in after a stressful day will be appreciated by you and your family members.