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It's Freezing! Here Are Some Practical Tips For A More Comfortable Winter Home

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Winter has officially arrived with all of its delights and disadvantages as well. Along with the picturesque snow, flavorsome hot beverages, and cozy fires we also have chilly homes, high heat bills, and stuffy noses as a reminder of the change of season. Having a pleasant, comfortable home to enjoy can help ease a lot of the discomforts we face during this wonderful time of the year:

Insulate Your Home

Unless you are in need of a major repair, insulating your home for the winter can be an inexpensive and simple task. Keep the cold air out and your heat in by covering as many cracks and openings as possible:

  • Stop unwanted drafts from coming in through your windows and doors by enclosing them. Window insulation kits and door sweeps can be found in most hardware stores and departments; you can even go the DIY route by placing blankets under your door and surrounding your windows with plastic wrap. 
  • Keep as many interior doors closed as possible. Double check that all the ones leading outside and your windows are shut as well. If you have any holes, try to get them patched. 


Heat for your home in the winter doesn't have to solely come from your central heating blasting all day long. 

  • Investing in a programmable thermostat may be worth the cost in the long run. With these, you can save energy by setting a weekly heating program.  
  • If you are only utilizing a few rooms in your home, purchasing a space heater or two could be a better option than paying to warm up empty rooms. These can also be programmable.
  • Bundle up! Before you even touch the heat, take a look at what you are wearing around the house. Are you dressed like it's the middle of January? Or does it seem like you were planning a trip to the tropics?

Repair Broken Appliances and Equipment

This is definitely an important step that you don't want to skip. Check your appliances, if left damaged they will bring a lot more harm than good. 

  • Safety first: If the appliance in need of fixing could endanger life or property- get it fixed now! 
  • Don't wait too long to attend to a problem. Some issues that may be minute at first can soon become major ones. If you have a leaky water heater in need of repair, don't prolong it until your basement is flooded! Besides getting costlier, delaying repairs until the problem gets worst may lead you to being in discomfort for some days while the problem gets fixed. 

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