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All-Natural Herbicides

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If you want to get rid of pesky weeds from your landscaping, you can choose to purchase chemical laced products that are harmful to the environment, or you can try several all-natural versions instead. Surprisingly, many common household items can be used to help kill off weeds without being a danger to animals or the planet. Here are a few homemade versions of herbicide you can try at home that are also much less expensive.

Boil Water

Perhaps the most inexpensive way to kill unwanted weeds is to simply douse them with boiling water. The hot water literally cooks the plant to death, and is super eco-friendly. This method works well, but keep in mind the water has to be boiling hot. Expect to boil water and pour it on unwanted plants many times in order to cover a large area.


Salt can kill off weeds fairly quickly, but be aware that it can be harmful to the soil if you live in an area that does not get enough rainfall. It is preferable to mix salt with water, and spot treat the weeds rather than apply it to a large area. Rock salt works best.


It may be surprising to know that cornmeal can actually stop or stunt the growth of seeds. Adding to cornmeal to problem areas prevents the weeds' roots from developing, and they eventually die. It is best to use cornmeal at the beginning of the spring before the seeds of pesky weeds have begun to germinate. This is an excellent preventative measure.


Vinegar makes a terrific, all-natural herbicide. The high levels of acid found in vinegar are capable of literally burning the leaves of weeds and other unwanted plants. Be aware that vinegar will kill just about any plant, so it's important to apply it only to the specific weeds or plants you want to eliminate. You can use either white or apple cider types of vinegar.


Not only is newspaper completely biodegradable, it's a great way to help smother the roots of weeds in your yard. All you need to do is cover the weeds with a few layers of newspaper, and it will prevent sunlight from getting to them so they can no longer grow. 

Buy Natural Products

If doing it yourself seems daunting or you just want to be absolutely sure you're killing weeds, try to purchase products that are specifically made as an herbicide but contain all-natural ingredients. These products are becoming easier to find, and can do the job of a chemical version without harming the soil or the environment.