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3 Reasons Exterior Drain Tile Systems Offer Superior Protection

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Exterior drain tile installations offer a number of advantages over the interior variety, including minimal disruption to a structure's interior and very little or no preparation on the part of the customer, along with many other benefits. This article discusses three of the main reasons why exterior drain tile is a superior choice for those looking to install a drainage system.

A More Reliable Seal

Despite the fact the exterior drain tile installations are more labor intensive, given the need to excavate around the perimeter of the building, the process actually allows for a much more reliable seal against water. Since homes undergoing an exterior drain tile installation are excavated down to the footing of certain walls, the installation team has the opportunity to seal the most leak-susceptible areas of the home from the ground up. By contrast, interior drainage systems often leave a structure vulnerable, as the exterior of the building is not fully sealed against water. Though the inside of the building may remain dry, the lack of exterior sealant means that water might still seep into the walls and foundations, which can cause catastrophic damage.

More Extensive Protection From Water

One of the reasons exterior drain tile systems are so effective is because they employ multiple devices to protect your home from water. After exterior trenches have been dug around the home's perimeter, the installation professionals will apply an elastomeric coating to the building's foundation. Elastomeric coatings are thick and durable, yet still able to expand under stress. This is the first line of defense against water. However, exterior drain tile systems also employ drainage mats placed over the elastomeric coating, for additional protection from moisture. Finally, once the drain tile is in place, the installation team will back fill the trenches with gravel, further minimizing water's chance of finding its way into your home.

Pressure Relief From Soil

Another advantage of exterior drain tile systems is the pressure relief they provide from soil adjacent to the structure's walls. Once installed, an exterior drainage system will also drain wet soil that is in close proximity to the home. This can alleviate significant pressure that would otherwise stress and potentially, over time, even fracture a home's exterior walls or foundation. Although this is simply an added benefit of exterior drain tile, it is nonetheless beneficial for homeowners looking to protect their investment.

Overall, there are many reasons why you should consider exterior drain tile systems, but their seal reliability, extensive moisture protection, and pressure relief properties are certainly among the most important.

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